A C++ class for Mutiple Point Simulation algorithms

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MPSlib: a C++ class for Multiple-Point based sequential Simulation

MPSlib provides a set of algorithms for simulation of models based on a multiple point statistical model inferred from a training image.

The goal of developing these codes has been to produce a set of algorithms, based on sequential simulation, for simulation of multiple point statistical random models, The code should be easy to compile and extend, and should be allowed for both commercial and non-commercial use.

MPSlib (version 1.0) has been developed by I-GIS and Solid Earth Physics, Niels Bohr Institute.

Development has been funded by the Danish National Hightech Foundation (now: the Innovation fund) through the ERGO (Effective high-resolution Geological Modeling) project, a collaboration between IGIS, GEUS, and Niels Bohr Institute.

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